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MSK Talk Leaving IMPACT For NXT – “It Was a No Brainer”

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NXT tag team MSK recently spoke to Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy. The team discussed a number of topics, including why they chose to leave IMPACT Wrestling, where they were part of The Rascalz, to join the NXT roster.

Speaking with Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, MSK discussed why they signed with WWE and left The Rascalz name behind.

“It just seemed right that we needed to evolve into the next aspect of our careers,” Nash Carter began. “If you watch some of the best documentaries on some of the best wrestlers they know when it’s time to evolve and let go and create anew in order to stay fresh. We just knew that we were in a cocoon and we needed to spread our wings and be beautiful butterflies.”

MSK on Leaving IMPACT

“And just like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly; it never really loses who it was it just alters how it presents itself” Wes Lee added. “That’s essentially all we did. We’re still the exact same guys. It doesn’t matter what name we do it under. But right now, MSK is who we are and that’s who we’re going to be for a long time.”

Nash Carter then said that leaving IMPACT to go to WWE was a ‘no brainer.’ “”When this opportunity came, it was a no-brainer. I’ve always wanted to be a WWE Superstar.”

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