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MVP Rips Into Fans For Liking Undertaker But Hating Zombies

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The WrestleMania Backlash PPV event is arguably going to be remembered for one match. WWE had a promotional deal in place with Batista and his new Netflix Army of The Dead movie, which included a zombie horde from the film appearing for the Lumberjack match between The Miz and Damian Priest.

It’s safe to say that there’s been a contrast in opinion regarding the match. The zombie lumberjacks would appear after John Morrison went to find the real life lumberjacks for the match; where he actually opened a door to a horde of the undead.

MVP is the latest WWE Superstar to rip into the fans for their opinion on the match. The former United States Champion would call fans hypocritical for liking a Superstar such as The Undertaker, who is a deadman, and hating on the zombies.

MVP Goes In On Fans

“I think zombies in wrestling are stoopid. Also’¦ Undertaker is the best!!!!!! ????????????????????????” MVP wrote sarcastically on Twitter, before then responding to a fan slamming him for defending the angle.

“I don’t ‘have’ to ‘defend’ anything” MVP wrote. “Just pointing out the ridiculous hypocrisy. Taker didn’t eat people. But he was a DEAD MAN. He could teleport and shoot lightening. He was buried alive. But no, he didn’t eat people. That’s just too unbelievable.”

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