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Noelle Foley Diagnosed With Rare Hearing Disorder

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The daughter of WWE and pro wrestling legend Mick Foley, Noelle, has been diagnosed with a rare hearing disorder. The former pro wrestling trainee took to social media to reveal the diagnosis and how she is battling to help others against Hyperacusis.

‘I’ve kept this to myself for quite some time, because I honestly just didn’t want to talk about it” Noelle wrote on social media. “But in February I was clinically diagnosed with a rare hearing disorder called Hyperacusis.”

“Hyperacusis is when you have an extremely low tolerance to noise and most sounds are physically painful” Noelle Foley continued.

‘My Hyperacusis was brought on by my concussion in 2019, and it was mild in the beginning” Noelle continued. “But unfortunately it has gotten worse over time. I’ve had several HORRIBLE setbacks in my recovery due to sounds; making it feel like my full recovery is light years away.”

Noelle Foley on Diagnosis

“If any of you are living with Hyperacusis you know darn well that it is an EXTREMELY debilitating condition to live with” Noelle revealed.

“It’d recently been severely affecting my every day life from grocery shopping, driving, restaurants, and even just being around people, including my family.’

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk responded to Noelle, saying ‘hang in there!’ It’s not confirmed at this point how long treatment may take for Noelle, or whether it is something she can fully recover from.

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