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Randy Orton Slams Batista and John Cena for Movie Careers

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WWE Superstar Randy Orton recently appeared on The Kurt Angle Show. The former WWE Champion discussed a number of topics during the show, including the Hollywood careers of his former colleagues John Cena and Batista.

‘I see them [WWE] branching off and doing other things or making sure they have something lined up for when they can’t wrestle anymore,’ Orton began on the podcast. ‘So I kind of see myself being WWE for life.”

“I don’t know why I’d go anywhere else, who knows what the future holds” Orton continued. “Although I love movies, I love sending in auditions almost monthly, I don’t think acting is my passion, I’m not trying to move to Hollywood or move to New York and be a full time actor.”

Randy Orton on John Cena and Batista

‘The way Cena did it, the way Batista did it is they used WWE as a jumping board to go into Hollywood” Orton added, taking a sly dig at the former Superstars. “I think I’m happy with my place in the WWE right now, the money’s good, the talents good, the locker room is great.”

“I have a good relationship with all the people in charge and I don’t see why I’d change that” Randy Orton concluded. “So I only see all of those different variables getting better over the coming years.’

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