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Renee Paquette Talks The Micro-Managing In WWE

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Former WWE Backstage host and interviewer Renee Paquette recently made an appearance on the Busted Open Radio show. Paquette discussed a number of topics on the SiriusXM program, including what it was like being ‘micro-managed’ during her time in WWE.

‘For me it’s not the wrestling,’ Paquette began. ‘The wrestling side of wrestling I love. It’s the production side of things that can be a kick in the lady d*ck. Just being micromanaged.’

‘I don’t like being micromanaged’ Renee Paquette continued. ‘I don’t like being under the magnifying glass as much as one is or can be in that world.”

Renee Paquette on Micro-Managing

“You think you go through it once and ’˜okay, I’m safe!’” Paquette noted. “And then like, another year later or so its ’˜you’re back under the microscope again.’’

Paquette finished by saying that it is difficult to be a crowd-pleaser but staying ‘true to yourself’ in WWE. ‘Trying to adapt to that and trying to be a people pleaser, while also staying true to yourself, can be a very fine line to walk’ Paquette noted. ‘And it can be very exhausting.’

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