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Rey Mysterio Talks Dominik Mysterio Having To ‘Earn The Mask’

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WWE Superstar and Lucha Libre legend Rey Mysterio recently spoke to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT. The new SmackDown Tag Team Champion discussed a number of topics during the interview, including his tag team partner and son Dominik Mysterio.

‘Yes, I definitely think he has to earn it,” Rey Mysterio began, when asked if his son will at some point don the mask. There have been rumors of Prince Mysterio being Dominik’s name at some point down the line. 

“And he’s already gotten a bunch of points from me” Mysterio continued. “I remember the first day I was given; or I had earned the name Rey Mysterio Jr was from my uncle.”

Rey Mysterio Talks His Son ‘Earning’ The Mask

“I did about three years wrestling as the Hummingbird thinking I would never become Rey Mysterio” the SmackDown Tag Team Champion added. “And then one day my uncle just surprised me and presented me with the mask.”

‘From that moment on, I carried on with the Mysterio legacy” the Luchador concluded. “I believe Dominik is on the path to earning the name and earning the mask, which comes with the name.”

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