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Rhea Ripley Talks ‘Chasing Greatness’ as RAW Women’s Champion

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WWE RAW Superstar and the brand’s Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley recently spoke to indiatoday. The former NXT Women’s Champion discussed a number of topics during the conversation, including her want to chase ‘greatness’ in WWE.

“I feel like every day it sinks in a little bit more but it has not completely sunk in” Ripley began, discussing her RAW Women’s Championship win at WrestleMania 37. “It was just such an incredible feeling for me, especially after my first one being in front of zero fans.”

“It was a really special feeling, it was like my once in a WrestleMania moment” Ripley continued. “I faced Asuka, someone who I wanted to take on for a long time. And I also became the Raw Women’s Champion.”

Rhea Ripley on Striving for Greatness

“I don’t really set too many goals” Rhea Ripley revealed. “I find that when you set goals and reach them, you’re like ‘oh I did it’ and then you just stop. For me, I just want to see how far I can go.”

“I just want to keep pushing myself to the absolute limit and keep striving for greatness” Ripley noted. “Just to see how far my body and mind can take it.”

“Honestly, I feel I want to take over, take over everything and that’s sort of been my mindset my entire life. I feel like I have accomplished this much with that mindset. WrestleMania would have been one of the goals but I don’t want to stop there. I want to keep going, keep making history and show everyone who Rhea Ripley is,” Ripley concluded.

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