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Roman Reigns – “The Attitude Era Would’ve Been Too Easy For Me”

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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns recently spoke to Sports Illustrated and discussed The Undertaker’s recent remarks regarding modern day WWE Superstars.

’˜Taker stated on the Joe Rogan podcast that ‘it’s tough right now for me [to enjoy WWE], because the product has changed so much. It’s kinda soft.’

WWE Superstar Goldberg also agreed with Undertaker’s sentiment. ‘Yes, I believe comparatively [to my era that] the business is soft’ Goldberg claimed. ‘But the business is in 2021, so things have to change and things have to be different. [We had] Mega superstars that were bigger than life, but it’s hard in this generation, seemingly, to build those people.”

Roman Reigns did not agree with these comments at all. “We do the same job,” said Reigns. “It’s not like the bumps got any worse or any better.”

Roman Reigns on Undertaker’s Comments

“You’re always hearing ‘a drop kick was a finish back in my time.’ A dropkick is like the second move you see in a wrestling match nowadays. We’re doing a lot more. And sometimes I think we’re a lot more physical. And because the audience has seen so much more, we have to do a little more in order to peak their interest, in order to show them something different. What we call a false finish, a pin that people believe will be the final move of a match, we go through those like Steamboat-Savage. You’ll see that on a SmackDown. You’ll see 15 false finishes on a SmackDown.”

“It’s strange. I really feel like he (Undertaker) misspoke” Reigns continued. “Because Mark is a really good guy. He’s very knowledgeable. Obviously, he has a ton of respect for the business. Goldberg is just Goldberg. Who cares? But he’s talking about guns and knives in the locker room. Come on. You guys travel just like we did. Did you really get that stuff through security? TSA was just letting everything happen back then?”

Roman Reigns by making a pretty damning comment on the glorified Attitude Era of the late nineties and early 2000s. ‘To be honest, and this is gonna make some good headlines, but it [wrestling in the Attitude Era] would’ve been too easy,’ said Reigns. ‘I feel like [John] Cena said it before. It’s a challenge to be PG. It’s a challenge to not have to go the cheap route.’

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