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Ryback – “WWE Never Liked Goldberg, This Is Coming From Top People In The Company”

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WCW legend and former WWE Universal Champion Goldberg returned to Monday Night RAW last week. Goldberg would appear in the main event segment of the show, challenging Drew McIntyre to a match for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble PPV.

The premise of Goldberg’s promo was that McIntyre didn’t ‘respect’ the legends of WWE’s past. This was a confusing promo, and it was reported that time was cut and McIntyre couldn’t actually say the ‘disrespectful’ lines he was meant to. This would lead to Goldberg still saying his scripted lines and it coming off REALLY badly.

Ryback on Goldberg

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed the strange promo and return of Goldberg. “I saw that, and I was baffled” Ryback would begin on the Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report. “I couldn’t understand what was going on. Did I miss something where Drew was kind of disrespectful? I don’t catch all the show, so I thought ‘did I miss something?’ But I hadn’t!”

“I feel bad for Bill in a way” Ryback would continue. “I like Bill Goldberg,, but WWE never liked him. This is coming from top people, they used to say to me when I was there. Unless they’re just bs’ing and lying to me. I think the first Brock match really caught everyone, I thought it was fire. The whole thing had the intensity, which you get anytime you’re in there with Brock.”

Ryback would finish by saying that WWE have not been ‘protecting’ Goldberg’s character like they should’ve been. “Since he’s been back, specifically like these last two years? Man, I don’t think it’s done him any favours. Now money wise? Great, but I don’t feel like that company goes out of their way to protect him at all.”

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