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The Reason Vince McMahon Is Against Having A ‘Physical’ Hall of Fame

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Fans of WWE have been asking for years why Vince McMahon and co have never introduced a ‘physical’ Hall of Fame. Yes, the company have the heralded event for the HOF every year, but there’s nothing tangible for fans to even visit.

The WWE has a ton of special items and memorabilia that could be put out for display, but for some reason they just never have. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon has never liked the idea of an actual HOF building.

Dave Meltzer answered a fan question during WOR regarding a physical Hall of Fame; saying that historically Vince McMahon has always seen this as a waste of money.

Vince McMahon on Hall of Fame

Triple H reportedly has wanted to have a ‘real’ Hall of Fame building for quite some time. Meltzer stated that ‘The Game’ wanted to have a Hall of Fame 4-D experience dating back to 2013. Again, Vince McMahon was against the idea.

There has always been a lot of criticism towards WWE and McMahon for the Hall of Fame being just “in Vince’s head.” Many talents themselves have slated the concept, including the likes of Honky Tonk Man…who ended up going in anyway.

It seems obvious, just put something at the WWE Performance Center in Florida right? Well this isn’t something that Vince McMahon seems keen on doing and won’t materialise for quite some time at least, if ever.

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