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Triller Fight Club Reportedly ‘Open’ To CM Punk Fight

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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk has made two appearances in the UFC octagon. Since leaving pro wrestling, Punk has wanted to kickstart his MMA career, however after two straight defeats he will likely never compete at that level again.

Triller Fight Club and MLW broadcaster Ray Flores recently spoke to WrestlingINC Daily and said that there’s a chance CM Punk could end up appearing on a Triller Fight Club card.

Triller Fight Club has become somewhat of a behemoth in the PPV game in the last year. The critically panned Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight garnered between 1.2 and 1.6 million buys, with nearly 2 million people reportedly watching via illegal means.

Ray Flores on CM Punk

‘I think if CM Punk wants to do it, I think that Triller would absolutely be open to it because he’s still a big name,’ Flores said during the interview. ‘I mean now the fans are coming back. You go to arenas all over the world and you still here chants of CM Punk in different wrestling arenas all over.”

‘So if he wants to come back and he’s willing to go in there and train, then I think he absolutely can make the connection” Flores continued. “They’ll [Triller] definitely be open to it. Whether or not it will happen, it’s kind of like the perfect storm.”

“All the stars need to align for him to get in there, but if he wants to and he’s willing to put in the time in the gym, then why not?” Flores concluded. “I mean, he’s one of those guys that still now after how long he’s been away from sports entertainment and combat sports, he still a big name in combat sports.”

There’s currently nothing beyond this speculation at this point. If they can make Jake Paul vs CM Punk though that could be a huge box office number.

credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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