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When Was WCW Sold To WWE? Jeff Jarrett Recalls That Day in 2001

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Former owner of TNA and WCW Champion Jeff Jarrett recently discussed the sale of World Championship Wrestling back in 2001. Speaking on his new My World Podcast, Jarrett recalled the day that the company was officially revealed as a WWE property.

‘Just hearing different things but nobody could really say exactly what was going to happen,’ Jarrett began on the show. ‘But, I knew that’s when some contract talks started boiling up. Not with me, but with other guys. Basically, it was who’s going to be the crew and who’s not going to be the crew and what’s the middle.”

‘Sort of the younger guys, they were definitely coming to me,’ Jarrett continued, discussing the likes of AJ Styles and Shannon Moore. ‘They knew that I sort of knew what [the WWE] machine looked like up there” Jarrett added.”

Jeff Jarrett on WCW Sold To WWE

“I’m like ‘I have no idea what this is going to look like'” Jeff Jarrett continued, discussing the sale of WCW to WWE. “The end all be all important question was: ‘what does Nitro and Thunder look like moving forward? What is the answer to those kinds of questions of ongoing content creation?”

“It was up in the air” Jarrett finished, before saying how odd it was having no wrestling on Turner Broadcasting. “I could not imagine, 12 year old Jeff, TBS had wrestling. Atlanta Braves and professional wrestling, I couldn’t fathom a Turner without wrestling.’

Turner and TNT would of course not have wrestling programming back on the station until AEW Dynamite began in 2019.

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