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WWE Reportedly ‘Hated’ AEW Blood & Guts Match

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AEW recently held their first ever Blood & Guts match between MJF’s group The Pinnacle and Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. The match received critical acclaim from fans, aside from the finish, which was divisive with Jericho falling from the top of the cage.

The match was a play on the famous WarGames concept, which was created by Dusty Rhodes, father of course of AEW EVP Cody.

The bout saw the advertised blood (not so much guts) and was clearly tailored towards an older audience. According to PWInsider, there were those inside of WWE who ‘hated’ the match, saying that it pushed the industry backwards and not forwards.

WWE on Blood & Guts

“I have heard from people in management and they hated it” Dave Scherer wrote in a recent Q&Q. “One person told me, and I quote, ‘that just set the business back 30 years.’  Did it?  I don’t know but I was told that the people in charge weren’t happy. 

“On the other hand, I talked to wrestlers that loved it” Scherer noted on PWInsider; “because they would love to do something like that themselves.”

The match and episode of AEW Dynamite drew a rating of over 1 million; with the TNT show being the highest rated of the night on cable.

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