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WWE WarGames Match: Rules, History and more

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The WWE WarGames match, a spectacle of strength, strategy, and endurance, has its roots deeply embedded in the rich history of professional wrestling.

Conceived by the legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, the first WarGames match was showcased in 1987 under the banner of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and later, World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

It was designed as a brutal ballet, a dance of chaos, meant to settle the most intense rivalries in a conclusive manner.

The Anatomy of a WWE WarGames Match

At its core, the WarGames match is a unique and complex event. The setup involves two rings placed side by side, completely enclosed within a giant steel cage.

The match typically features two teams, each consisting of varying numbers of participants, though traditionally four or five per side. The rules of engagement for WarGames are distinct and contribute to its notorious reputation:

  • The Staggered Entry: The match begins with members from each team entering the fray at timed intervals, creating a strategic and often chaotic environment.
  • The Match Beyond: The bout officially transitions into “The Match Beyond” once all participants have entered. It is at this juncture that victory can be achieved.
  • Submission or Surrender: Unlike traditional wrestling matches, there are no pinfalls in WarGames. Victory is solely attained through submission or surrender, underscoring the match’s gruelling nature.

WarGames and WWE: An Evolving Saga

While the concept originated outside WWE, it was eventually adopted and adapted by the organisation as the company owns the official rights to the name and gimmick.

WWE’s version of WarGames has seen modifications to the original format, aligning it with the company’s contemporary storytelling and production style.

These changes reflect WWE’s approach to evolving classic wrestling formats to suit modern audiences.

The Strategy and Spectacle of WWE WarGames

What sets a WarGames match apart is the level of strategy and physicality involved. The staggered entry system creates a constantly shifting landscape of power and vulnerability.

Teams must not only be physically dominant but also strategically astute to capitalize on the ever-changing dynamics of the match.

WarGames: A Fan Favourite

Over the years, WarGames has become a fan favourite, celebrated for its high-octane action and dramatic narrative possibilities.

It’s a match type where rivalries reach their boiling point, and wrestlers push their limits in pursuit of victory and glory.


  • What is a WWE WarGames match?
    • A WWE WarGames match is a unique type of professional wrestling match involving two rings enclosed in a steel cage, with victory achieved through submission or surrender.
  • Who created the WarGames match?
    • The WarGames match was conceived by wrestler Dusty Rhodes and first appeared in 1987.
  • How do wrestlers win in a WarGames match?
    • Wrestlers win a WarGames match by making their opponents submit or surrender; there are no pinfalls.
  • Has WWE modified the original WarGames format?
    • Yes, WWE has adapted the WarGames match to suit its style and audience, making some changes to the original format.
  • Why is the WarGames match popular?
    • The WarGames match is popular for its unique format, strategic depth, and the intense physicality it demands from the wrestlers.
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