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What did the WWE used to be called?

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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a name synonymous with high-octane wrestling entertainment, has a history as dynamic as its matches.

However, many fans, both old and new, might not be aware that this global entertainment powerhouse was not always known as WWE.

Its original name was the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), a title that carried the brand to international fame before a significant rebranding in the early 2000s.

The Early Days of the WWF

The WWF was established in the early 1980s, emerging as a dominant force in the wrestling entertainment industry.

Under the leadership of Vince McMahon, the WWF became known for its charismatic wrestlers, dramatic storylines, and unique blend of sports and entertainment.

This era saw the rise of iconic figures like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who became household names and helped propel the WWF to unprecedented heights.

WWF to WWE: Legal Tussles Lead to a Name Change

The transition from WWF to WWE was not a mere rebranding decision but the result of a protracted legal battle with the World Wildlife Fund (also abbreviated as WWF).

This dispute, rooted in trademark issues, reached a critical point when the World Wildlife Fund secured an injunction in Switzerland in 1993. The crux of the matter was the shared abbreviation ‘WWF’ and the potential for public confusion between the two vastly different organizations.

In 2002, Linda McMahon, then-CEO of the WWF, acknowledged the legal challenges and the decision to rebrand. The court ruling prevented the use of the WWF logo and the initials in specific circumstances, primarily due to concerns about market confusion.

This legal backdrop necessitated a significant shift in the wrestling federation’s branding strategy.

The Birth of WWE

The transformation from WWF to WWE was more than a simple change of initials; it represented a strategic shift in the company’s direction.

Emphasising the ‘Entertainment’ aspect, WWE sought to distance itself from the legal entanglements and reposition itself in the global market.

This change was not just in name but also signified a new era in the company’s history, one that focused more on the entertainment aspect of wrestling.

The Impact of the Name Change

The name change to WWE marked a new chapter in the organisation’s history. It was an opportunity to refresh its image and strategy, focusing more on the entertainment aspect of wrestling.

This shift also coincided with changes in programming and branding, as the company continued to expand its global reach and diversify its offerings.

WWE Today

Today, WWE stands as a testament to adaptability and resilience in the face of legal and market challenges. It continues to be a leading name in wrestling entertainment, with a fan base that spans across the globe.

The organisation has successfully navigated the waters of change, emerging stronger and more diversified.


  • What did WWE used to be called?
    • WWE was originally known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).
  • Why did WWF change its name to WWE?
    • The name change was due to a legal dispute with the World Wildlife Fund over the use of the ‘WWF’ abbreviation.
  • When did the WWF become WWE?
    • The change from WWF to WWE occurred in 2002 following a court ruling.
  • Did the name change affect WWE’s popularity?
    • While the name change was a significant shift, WWE continued to grow in popularity, adapting its branding and programming to a global audience.
  • What was the main reason behind the WWF’s rebranding to WWE?
    • The primary reason was to resolve the trademark dispute with the World Wildlife Fund and to avoid market confusion.
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