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TITLE match CONFIRMED for AEW Revolution 2024

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In a thrilling development for wrestling enthusiasts, AEW Revolution 2024 is set to feature a high-stakes International Title match.

The announcement, made on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, has sparked considerable excitement in the wrestling community.

AEW News: The Road to Revolution

The stage was set following a tag team match on AEW Dynamite, where Trent Beretta and AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy triumphed over Penta El Zero Miedo and Komander.

Post-match, the scene was ripe for a dramatic announcement. The Undisputed Kingdom’s music heralded the arrival of Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett and Matt Taven, alongside Roderick Strong.

Strong challenged Cassidy, setting the stage for a showdown at Revolution.

AEW News: A Fresh Rivalry

This match marks the first time Cassidy and Strong will face each other in the ring, adding an element of unpredictability to the event.

Their history, however, is not entirely separate. They were once allies, teaming up with Adam Cole and Bandido against The Jericho Appreciation Society in May 2023.

This past alliance adds a layer of intrigue to their upcoming confrontation.

The Quest for Gold

The Undisputed Kingdom, known for its relentless pursuit of glory, sees this match as a golden opportunity. With Strong aiming to capture the International Title, the group’s quest for dominance in AEW continues.

Cassidy, known for his unique style and resilience, is not one to back down from a challenge, setting up what promises to be a memorable clash.


  • When is the AEW Revolution 2024 scheduled? The exact date is in March 2024, as per the announcement on “AEW Dynamite”.
  • Who are the wrestlers involved in the International Title match? Orange Cassidy, the current AEW International Champion, will defend his title against Roderick Strong.
  • Have Cassidy and Strong competed against each other before? No, this will be their first one-on-one encounter in the ring.
  • What significance does this match hold for The Undisputed Kingdom? It represents a step in their quest for gold and dominance within AEW.
  • Where was the match announced? The announcement was made on an episode of “AEW Dynamite” following a tag team match.
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