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When it comes to delivering the latest news, updates, and insights from the world of combat sports, FightFans stands out as a growing platform. Here is the core team that brings you the most riveting stories from the ring.

The Editorial Maestros

  • Paul MacDonald: As the Editorial Manager, Paul ensures that every piece of content aligns with the high standards set by FightFans. His keen eye for detail and passion for combat sports make him an invaluable asset to the team.
  • Jake Skudder: Wearing the hat of the Editor-in-Chief, Jake is the final checkpoint before any story goes live. His vast experience and knowledge in the field ensure that readers get accurate and engaging content every time.
  • Martin MacDonald: Martin has been writing for FightFans since the site first went live in 2021, and his expertise and passion for pro wrestling continue to shine through his written contributions to the site.

Staying Updated with FightFans

FightFans is not just about the people behind the scenes. It’s about the stories they bring to the forefront. From the shocking releases in WWE to the tragic news about Bray Wyatt, FightFans ensures that its readers are always in the know. Whether it’s a big claim by Saraya about Toni Storm or the latest appearances in Ring of Honor, FightFans has got you covered.


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Bart Hillen
Paul MacDonald – Editorial Manager
Jake Skudder – Editor-in-Chief