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AEW Stars Respond to Backstage ‘Banned Moves’ List

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In the world of professional wrestling, safety is paramount. Recently, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has taken a significant step towards ensuring the well-being of its performers by introducing a list of banned moves.

This move has sparked a range of reactions from AEW stars backstage, with many viewing it as a positive development.

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AEW’s Safety Measures

AEW’s list of banned moves is not a sudden development. Instead, it is a formalisation of informal policies that have been in place since the company’s inception.

The list also includes moves that require prior approval from medical staff and trainers, further emphasising the company’s commitment to safety.

AEW President Tony Khan has been vocal about the importance of these rules. He stated in a recent press conference that these were simply informal policies that needed to be documented.

The majority of the talent has agreed with Khan’s direction, hoping that it will not alter the unique AEW product.

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The Impact on Performers

One wrestler noted that these health and safety rules have been in place since the company’s early days, following a talk by Chris Nowinski.

The moves have been banned for years, and the recent formalization is a step towards stricter enforcement.

The belief among the talent is that the new rules will lead to fewer repeated spots, a goal AEW has been working towards.

For instance, at the Double Or Nothing 2023 event, only The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club were permitted to bleed, saving blading for Anarchy In The Arena.

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Stars’ Reactions to the New Rules

A ‘major star’ commented on the new rules, stating to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “The new rules have great intentions but it remains to be seen how well they work.

“The vast majority of injuries on the roster have been fluke accidents that could have happened to anyone. Avoiding repeat spots and getting permission for blood or hardcore items/spots are the big ones that need to be enforced so we’ll see how it turns out.”

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The Fluidity of the Rules

Khan has noted that the rules are “fluid,” and their enforcement could depend on the individual asking. He further stated that while he prefers to push boundaries, he won’t take any risks when it comes to safety.

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