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AEW star makes a CHALLENGE to Jake Paul for the boxing ring

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In a recent turn of events, Anthony Ogogo, a prominent star from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has thrown down the gauntlet to Jake Paul, challenging him to a boxing match.

This unexpected challenge has sent ripples through the wrestling and boxing communities, sparking debates and discussions among fans and experts alike.

Anthony Ogogo’s Credentials beyond AEW

Anthony Ogogo is not just any wrestler. Before stepping into the AEW ring, he had a successful boxing career. Here’s a brief overview of his achievements:

  • Former boxer with an impressive career record of 11-1.
  • Out of these, he secured seven wins by knockout.

Jake Paul’s Boxing Journey

Jake Paul, on the other hand, is no stranger to the boxing world either. While he’s primarily known for his online presence and controversies, he’s carved a niche for himself in the boxing arena. A quick glance at his record:

  • A boxing record of 7-1.
  • A commendable 57% knockout ratio.

The Challenge

The challenge was issued by Ogogo on Twitter. In a direct callout to Jake Paul, Ogogo stated that if Paul is keen on facing “a real boxer”, then he, The Guv’nor, is ready for a showdown.

Jake Paul’s Wrestling Inclinations

It’s worth noting that Jake Paul has previously shown interest in the wrestling domain. He stepped up in defence of his brother, Logan Paul, at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

This was when Logan took on Roman Reigns for the coveted Undisputed WWE Universal Title. Moreover, Jake has expressed thoughts about potentially joining his brother in WWE.


  • Who is Anthony Ogogo?
    • Anthony Ogogo is an AEW-contracted wrestler with a former boxing career, boasting a record of 11-1 with seven wins by KO.
  • What was the challenge issued by Ogogo to Jake Paul?
    • Ogogo challenged Jake Paul on social media, stating that if Paul wishes to face a “real boxer”, he’s ready to take him on.
  • Has Jake Paul responded to the challenge?
    • As of now, there’s no official response from Jake Paul regarding the challenge.
  • Has Jake Paul been involved in wrestling before?
    • Yes, Jake Paul defended his brother, Logan Paul, at WWE Crown Jewel 2022. He has also spoken about potentially joining WWE.
  • Where was the challenge issued?
    • The challenge was issued by Anthony Ogogo on social media.
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