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Bryan Danielson: Imagine if Eddie Kingston put the work in?

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Former WWE Superstar Bryan Danielson recently made some extremely interesting comments regarding Eddie Kingston and his status as a performer on the AEW roster.

The feud between CM Punk and Kingston began with their match at AEW Full Gear, and Bryan appeared at the post-show media scrum.

‘It was interesting because Eddie and I actually had interviews where I said the same thing,’ Danielson began, speaking about how CM Punk spoke about Eddie not ‘putting in the effort’ when he first started wrestling.

‘I want to say this: Eddie is a very inspirational person and human being. But when I look at Eddie and CM Punk looks at Eddie, and you could see that tonight when you look at him, he’s freaking awesome” Bryan added.

“What would happen if he put in that extra effort right? He works his ass off when he’s out there but what one of the things right before we had our first match, after [wrestling in] Miami he goes out till 3 in the morning” Bryan revealed.

Bryan Danielson on Eddie Kingston

“After the show I’m in my hotel room stretching, getting ready so that my body is physically prepared for the next week.

Danielson would however also be extremely complementary of the wrestling veteran: ‘Eddie’s shoulder right now is really banged up, right? I’ve been wrestling for 22 years and I feel invincible.

“I’ve been wrestling every single week since I started, there’s putting in the work when you’re wrestling and there’s putting in the work when you’re not wrestling. And that’s the difference.

“This is what I want to say about Eddie. One, he’s got an incredible heart, and two, he’s such a great wrestler. I don’t know if you guys watched that CM Punk Eddie Kingston match but it was unbelievable” Bryan Danielson concluded.

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