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Bryan Danielson reveals big reason he chose AEW over WWE

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Former WWE Superstar Bryan Danielson recently spoke to The New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski. The former WWE Champion discussed several topics during the interview, including the reveal of one of the major reasons that he decided to go with AEW over WWE.

‘You also have to understand that WWE’s relationship with my health is different” Bryan Danielson began, speaking about Vince McMahon and WWE wanting to protect him. “So, Tony Khan knows all the information, but he didn’t have to experience it in real-time.

“So when the doctors say, ’˜Bryan’s clear to literally do anything,’ and these are the best doctors in the world, right? He doesn’t have any residual pain of these others things that had happened to me the way that WWE does” Danielson continued.

Bryan Danielson on Signing with AEW over WWE

“And you say that and there’s the freedom argument, but the WWE perspective is coming in a very loving way. It’s not a negative way. (Vince) used this analogy with me a lot. He likened me to a racehorse who needs a bit in their mouth because some racehorses need a bit in their mouth because you need to be able to control the racehorse.

“If you don’t, they’ll run themselves into the ground. When he said that in the back of my mind I’d always think, ’˜Yeah, but I’d kind of rather be a wild horse rather than a racehorse with a bit in my mouth.’ That was a big point too as far as signing with AEW’ Bryan Danielson concluded.

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