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Top Indie star is OFFICIALLY signed to AEW

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In a significant move for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the promotion has officially signed Bryan Keith, a top independent wrestling star known as “The Bounty Hunter.”

This announcement came on the heels of an electrifying match on this week’s episode of AEW Collision, where Keith faced off against Eddie Kingston.

Despite losing the match, Keith’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing his skills and determination in the squared circle.

AEW News: Bryan Keith’s Journey to AEW

Bryan Keith’s journey to AEW has been marked by his relentless pursuit of excellence and a series of standout performances on the indie wrestling circuit.

Known for his gritty style and technical prowess, Keith has garnered a following among wrestling fans who appreciate his hard-hitting action and dedication to the craft.

His signing with AEW is seen as a natural progression for a wrestler of his calibre, promising to bring fresh energy and excitement to the AEW roster.

AEW News: The Announcement

The official announcement of Bryan Keith joining AEW was made by commentator Tony Schiavone, who entered the ring following Keith’s match against Eddie Kingston.

The announcement was met with enthusiasm from the fans, signalling their approval of AEW’s latest acquisition. Social media platforms buzzed with reactions, with many fans expressing their excitement to see how Keith will make his mark in AEW.


  • Who is Bryan Keith?
    • Bryan Keith is a professional wrestler known as “The Bounty Hunter,” celebrated for his performances on the independent wrestling circuit.
  • How did Bryan Keith join AEW?
    • Bryan Keith was officially signed to AEW following his match against Eddie Kingston on an episode of AEW Collision.
  • What is AEW Collision?
    • AEW Collision is a weekly television show produced by All Elite Wrestling, featuring matches and segments with AEW talent.
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