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Chris Jericho: AEW star reveals if he will do more Deathmatches

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AEW Star Chris Jericho recently spoke to Inside the Ropes. The former WWE Superstar discussed several topics, including his deathmatch against Nick Gage on AEW Dynamite.

Jericho revealed during the interview that he has no plans to do any other deathmatches for the rest of his career, with the one against Gage being the first and last.

‘Well, I’m not being egotistical when I say, ’˜Of course it was my idea, and of course I was fine with it’ because I thought of it. I booked the whole match as well” Chris Jericho began.

“You never thought you’d see Chris Jericho in that type of match, maybe not on TNT, but why wouldn’t you see Chris Jericho in that type of match? Because I’ve done every other match!” Jericho continued.

Jericho vs Nick Gage

“I had the first-ever barbed wire match in Canadian history in 1993 against Beef Wellington and did the thumbtack bump with Moxley in the Ambrose Asylum Match and all that type of stuff’, ‘Le Champion’ continued.

However, Jericho clarified that he would consider doing another match akin to the one with Gage if the story necessitated.

‘If the story fits, I’ll do it ’“ because it is all about storytelling. Obviously it’s not something I would want to do every night or probably will ever do again but when you’re talking about the story that we’re telling, it was perfect for it. And I think that match was a classic in its genre. I think it might even be the most-watched death match of all time in the fact that we had 1.2 million people watching it. Show me another death match that had that type of viewership.”

Chris Jericho

‘So it really did do what we wanted it to do, which was kind of extend this storyline and create a stir and create a buzz”, Chris Jericho revealed.

“So, like I said, was it was something that I would ever volunteer to do again? Probably not. But was it something that completely was 1000 per cent approved and basically thought of by me? Well, guilty as charged,’ the former WWE Superstar concluded.

Chris Jericho on Deathmatches

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