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Chris Jericho performs ICONIC wrestling theme with MASSIVE metal band

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In an electrifying blend of wrestling and heavy metal, AEW star Chris Jericho recently took the stage with the legendary metal band Pantera at a concert in Tampa, Florida.

The event, held at the Amalie Arena, saw Jericho perform “Walk,” a song synonymous with wrestling icon Rob Van Dam (RVD) and revered by fans of the genre and the wrestling community alike.

AEW News: A Fusion of Wrestling and Heavy Metal

Chris Jericho, known not only for his dynamic wrestling career but also as the lead singer of the rock band Fozzy, joined Pantera’s vocalist, Phil Anselmo, to belt out “Walk.”

This track, celebrated as Pantera’s most famous song, has a special place in the hearts of wrestling fans for its association with RVD, particularly during his tenure in ECW and his impactful debut in AEW.

Pantera, which disbanded over two decades ago, has recently reunited, bringing their timeless tracks back to the live stage.

Jericho expressed his enthusiasm for the band’s reunion, highlighting the importance of sharing Pantera’s legendary music with their dedicated fanbase. The concert also featured performances by Lamb of God and Nest, adding to the night’s heavy metal festivities.

AEW News: The Legacy of “Walk” in Wrestling

“Walk” has not only left its mark in the music world but also in wrestling history, being used by RVD as his entrance theme.

This connection was further solidified when AEW CEO Tony Khan went to great lengths to secure the rights for “Walk” for RVD’s AEW debut, emphasizing the song’s integral role in RVD’s wrestling persona.

The iconic theme made a comeback on AEW television during the January 31 edition of “AEW Dynamite,” accompanying RVD in a hardcore match against Swerve Strickland.

This moment served as a nostalgic reminder of the song’s enduring legacy within the wrestling community.

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  • Who is Chris Jericho?
    • Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler and the lead singer of the rock band Fozzy. He is known for his charismatic persona and accomplishments in wrestling promotions such as AEW and WWE.
  • What song did Chris Jericho perform with Pantera?
    • Chris Jericho performed “Walk,” a song famously used by wrestler Rob Van Dam as his entrance theme.
  • Why is “Walk” significant to wrestling fans?
    • “Walk” is significant because it was used by RVD, a celebrated wrestler, during his time in ECW and his debut in AEW, making it a memorable part of his wrestling identity.
  • What was the occasion for Chris Jericho’s performance with Pantera?
    • Chris Jericho joined Pantera on stage during their concert in Tampa, Florida, at the Amalie Arena, marking a special collaboration between the wrestling and heavy metal communities.
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