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MASSIVE AEW star was part of committee that fired CM Punk

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In a surprising turn of events within the world of professional wrestling, Bryan Danielson, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has been reported to have played a pivotal role in the committee responsible for the dismissal of CM Punk from the organisation.

This development has sent ripples through the wrestling community, highlighting the complexities and challenges faced by wrestling promotions in managing their talent.

Bryan Danielson’s Role in the CM Punk Committee

Bryan Danielson was part of a three-person disciplinary committee at AEW, as recently reported by Fightful Select. His involvement was significant due to his reputation as an “appropriate moral compass who exemplifies objectivity.” #

This reputation positioned him as the de facto head of the committee, which also included AEW General Counsel Chris Peck and another unnamed attorney.

The decision to terminate CM Punk’s contract was not taken lightly. Danielson, known for his integrity and respect within the wrestling community, served as the voice of the committee.

He communicated to the AEW roster that the decision was complex and challenging, considering various factors including Punk’s contributions to AEW and his personal relationship with Punk.

The Complexity of the Decision

The decision to fire CM Punk was a multifaceted one, involving considerations beyond the ring. Danielson, in a statement released on Twitter, reflected on the values imparted by his father, emphasising that doing the right thing might not always be popular or profitable, but it remains the right course of action.

This sentiment underlined the committee’s approach to the situation, balancing professional obligations with personal relationships and the broader impact on the AEW community.

CM Punk: Awareness and Reaction

It is believed that CM Punk was aware of Danielson’s role in the committee, given the involvement of several of Punk’s affiliates in the roster meeting where the decision was announced.

The dynamics of this knowledge and how it impacts Punk’s relationship with Danielson and AEW as a whole add another layer to this unfolding story.


  • Who was on the AEW committee that fired CM Punk?
    • The committee included Bryan Danielson, AEW General Counsel Chris Peck, and an unnamed attorney.
  • What role did Bryan Danielson play in the committee?
    • Danielson was the de facto head of the committee and served as the voice in communicating the decision.
  • Was the decision to fire CM Punk straightforward?
    • No, it was a complex decision that considered various factors, including Punk’s contributions to AEW and his personal relationship with committee members.
  • Is CM Punk aware of Danielson’s role in his firing?
    • It is believed that Punk is probably aware of Danielson’s involvement, considering the presence of his affiliates at the roster meeting.
  • What does this incident signify for AEW?
    • It underscores the complexities wrestling promotions face in managing talent and the impact of such decisions on the organisation’s dynamics and public image.

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