CM Punk: Fans rip into him for Eric Bischoff comments

CM Punk AEW Title

Image Courtesy @AEW

All Elite Wrestling fans have been ripping into CM Punk for his recent comments regarding former WCW President Eric Bischoff.

In reply to some recent comments on Bischoff’s podcast, Punk said: “Wrestling Twitter needs to stop amplifying all the old head bad faith bad take carny dips*****.

“They had their moment in the sun. Let them die in the dark with their ego podcasts. Quote me.”

CM Punk vs Eric Bischoff

Wrestling fans on r/SquaredCircle have been ripping into the Second City Saint since his comments went viral.

Here are some of the reactions from fans on the thread:

  • Punk is a fantastic performer, entertaining and always fun to watch. He’s also a miserable, thin-skinned b**ch of a human being for some reason if anyone does or says the least little thing he disagrees with.
  • What’s the bad faith? His point is AEW is not growing a fanbase. Punk came in and it hasn’t made any difference everything is pretty much the same as when he arrived
  • This is all leading up to a Garrett Bischoff run in at Double or Nothing followed by a year long Aces and Eights angle.

Punk did make a huge difference to the television ratings of AEW Rampage when he first joined, but numbers have been slowly stagnating for the promotion since then.

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