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Cody Rhodes Talks ‘Breaking The Rules’ of Pro Wrestling, Doing a ‘Finish’ During a Commercial Break

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Former AEW TNT Champion and company EVP Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast. During the show Cody would discuss how Jerry Lynn helped to bring the Dog Collar Match between he and Brodie Lee together.

Brodie Lee also reportedly had a major hand in how he wanted the match to be presented on AEW Dynamite. This would include the pacing and how the match went into the commercial breaks.

Cody Rhodes on Dynamite Match

“He (Brodie) was really adamant that going into commercial that we do a really big bump” Cody Rhodes began on the podcast. “And even during the commercial. Again it’s another one of the [pro wrestling] rules ‘oh you can’t give anything away in the commercial.’ And so you can! And I love that about here (AEW). I’m waiting for us to do a finish in the commercial break! Here’s what you missed! Maybe even picture in picture.”

Chris Jericho would then note that a ‘finish’ had taken place during the Iron Man match between PAC and Kenny Omega on Dynamite. Although as this was during the Iron Man match it didn’t actually conclude the contest. “You can’t turn away [from the action]” Cody Rhodes would continue. “But yeah, he (Brodie) had me do a Kevin Owens package piledriver. He was really confident in my strength, and I was able to do it no problem. He pushed me and he challenged me as a wrestler.”

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