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AEW star jokes that Darby Allin has HEAT in the AEW locker room

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In a surprising turn of events, Brandon Cutler, a well-known figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has sparked a wave of speculation with a tweet suggesting that Darby Allin, one of the promotion’s most enigmatic stars, is facing backlash within the company, at least in a kayfabe manner.

According to Cutler, Allin’s alleged lack of professionalism and issues with communication have not gone unnoticed by the AEW office, in a pretty humourous piece of AEW news.

AEW News: The Allegations Against Darby Allin

Cutler’s tweet claims that Allin’s approach to professional commitments has raised eyebrows among his colleagues and superiors.

The tweet outlines specific grievances, including Allin’s purported tardiness in responding to group text messages and Zoom calls, alongside a perceived underestimation of potential rivals in the ring.

This all adds to the current storyline involving The Young Bucks and how they’re using their EVP statuses to take more on-screen control of the company.


  • What did Brandon Cutler tweet about Darby Allin?
    • Cutler tweeted that Allin is facing heat within the AEW office for his lack of professionalism and communication issues, including being late to respond to messages and underestimating competition.
  • How important is professionalism in AEW?
    • Professionalism is highly valued in AEW, as the promotion emphasizes teamwork and communication among its talent to ensure the success of its shows.
  • Could the tweet be part of a storyline?
    • In professional wrestling, it’s not uncommon for real-life issues to be incorporated into storylines, or for social media to be used to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Without official confirmation, it’s hard to say definitively.
  • Has Darby Allin responded to the allegations?
    • As of the writing of this article, Darby Allin has not publicly addressed the tweet from Brandon Cutler.
  • What could be the consequences for Allin if the allegations are true?
    • Depending on the severity and the truth behind the allegations, consequences could range from internal discussions and warnings to storyline adjustments that reflect any real-life heat.
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