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Eric Bischoff says AEW Storyline is IRRELEVANT after CM Punk WWE Return

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The wrestling world has been abuzz since CM Punk‘s unexpected return to WWE at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event. This monumental comeback has not only captivated fans but also reshaped narratives within the industry. Among those weighing in is WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, who recently expressed his views on the impact of Punk’s return, particularly on AEW’s ongoing ‘Devil’ storyline.

CM Punk’s return to WWE, a development that many thought unlikely given his departure in 2014, has been a major talking point.

His appearance at Survivor Series and subsequent promo on RAW received mixed reactions, but the significance of his return cannot be overstated. It marks a pivotal moment in pro wrestling, rekindling old passions and sparking new debates.

Eric Bischoff: His Take on AEW’s Devil Storyline

The current ‘Devil’ storyline in AEW has been a central plot for the promotion. However, it has drawn criticism from some fans who feel it has overstayed its welcome.

Eric Bischoff, known for his straightforward opinions, didn’t mince words on his podcast, 83 Weeks. He stated that Punk’s return to WWE has rendered the AEW storyline irrelevant.

Bischoff’s blunt assessment, “I think once CM Punk showed up at Survivor Series, whoever’s behind the devil mask [in AEW] is going to be a popcorn fart,” encapsulates his view that the storyline has lost its lustre and impact.

The Impact of Storylines in Wrestling

The world of professional wrestling thrives on compelling storylines. They are the lifeblood of the industry, driving fan engagement and shaping the careers of wrestlers.

A well-crafted storyline can elevate a wrestler’s status, while a poorly executed one can be detrimental. Bischoff’s comments highlight the delicate balance promotions must maintain in keeping storylines fresh and engaging.


  • What did Eric Bischoff say about AEW’s ‘Devil’ storyline?
    • Eric Bischoff stated that CM Punk’s return to WWE made AEW’s ‘Devil’ storyline irrelevant.
  • Why is CM Punk’s return to WWE significant?
    • Punk’s return is significant due to his unexpected departure in 2014 and his impact on the wrestling industry.
  • What is the current major storyline in AEW?
    • The ‘Devil’ mask storyline featuring MJF is currently a major plot in AEW.
  • How have fans reacted to Bischoff’s comments?
    • Fan reactions are mixed, with some agreeing with Bischoff and others believing the storyline still has potential.
  • What is the importance of storylines in professional wrestling?
    • Storylines are crucial in wrestling as they drive fan engagement and influence wrestlers’ careers.
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