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AEW commentator reveals they underwent cancer surgery

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In a heartfelt announcement that has resonated throughout the professional wrestling community, Jim Ross, a revered figure in the world of wrestling commentary, disclosed that he recently underwent surgery for cancer.

Ross, whose voice has been synonymous with some of the most iconic moments in wrestling history, took to social media to share news of his surgery, which targeted cancer on his right hip.

AEW News: Jim Ross’s Illustrious Career

Jim Ross’s career spans over six decades, during which he has become a household name among wrestling fans.

Known affectionately as “Good Ol’ JR,” Ross made his mark in WWE, where his passionate commentary helped elevate the drama and excitement of countless matches.

Despite transitioning away from a full-time role in WWE, Ross has continued to lend his expertise to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), making sporadic appearances to commentate on major matches.

AEW News: The Surgery and Recovery

Ross’s announcement came as a surprise to many, revealing a recent personal battle with cancer that had previously been kept out of the public eye.

In his statement, Ross expressed gratitude for the successful surgery and thanked his fans for their unwavering support and love.

The wrestling community has rallied around Ross, sending messages of encouragement and wishes for a speedy recovery.

The Impact of Jim Ross’s Announcement

The news of Jim Ross’s surgery underscores the vulnerability that even the most larger-than-life figures face when it comes to health.

Ross’s openness about his condition and treatment journey has sparked conversations about the importance of regular health check-ups and cancer awareness.

His resilience and positive outlook serve as an inspiration to many, highlighting the strength it takes to confront and fight cancer.


  • Who is Jim Ross?
    • Jim Ross is a legendary wrestling commentator known for his work in WWE and AEW.
  • What type of surgery did Jim Ross undergo?
    • Jim Ross underwent surgery for cancer on his right hip.
  • How is Jim Ross’s health now?
    • According to his statement, the surgery went well, and he is currently in recovery.
  • Has Jim Ross commented on his return to commentary?
    • While Ross has not specified when he will return to commentary, the wrestling community eagerly awaits his recovery and potential return.
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