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Jon Moxley REFUSES to talk about MASSIVE WWE return

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The recent comeback of CM Punk to WWE at Survivor Series 2023, followed by his appearance on RAW, has been the talk of the industry. However, one voice has notably abstained from the chorus of opinions: Jon Moxley.

When asked about CM Punk’s return and his statement of being “home” in WWE, Jon Moxley’s response was cryptic and evasive.

Speaking with Liam Crowley for, Moxley simply stated, “You don’t want to know what I think. I didn’t see it,” followed by a laugh.

This response has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans and insiders alike. Moxley, known for his straightforward and often unfiltered opinions, chose not to delve into the matter, leaving many to wonder about the underlying reasons for his reticence.

Jon Moxley: A Focus on AEW

Moxley’s current focus is on All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he has established himself as a reliable and dynamic performer.

He discussed his role in AEW, particularly in situations where he has had to step up due to others’ injuries. Moxley expressed a sense of pride and comfort in being the go-to person in high-pressure situations.

“I feel like I thrive in those situations… I just pull main events out of my a** when I’m in those situations,” he said.

The Intrigue of Silence from Jon Moxley

Moxley’s refusal to comment on Punk’s WWE return adds another layer of intrigue to the already complex relationship between WWE and AEW.

His silence could be interpreted in various ways: as a sign of respect, indifference, or perhaps an unspoken acknowledgement of the competitive nature between the two wrestling promotions.

Whatever the reason, Moxley’s non-comment has become a statement in itself, fueling further discussion and speculation in the wrestling community.


  • Why did Jon Moxley refuse to comment on CM Punk’s WWE return? Moxley did not explicitly state his reasons, simply saying, “You don’t want to know what I think. I didn’t see it,” which leaves his reasons open to interpretation.
  • What was Jon Moxley’s reaction to being asked about CM Punk’s WWE return? He responded with a laugh and a cryptic comment, indicating that he either had no opinion or chose not to share it.
  • Is Jon Moxley currently associated with WWE? No, Jon Moxley is currently a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • Has Jon Moxley commented on his role in AEW? Yes, he has spoken about thriving in high-pressure situations and being the person AEW can count on, especially in scenarios involving last-minute changes.
  • Does Jon Moxley’s silence on WWE matters affect his status in AEW? There is no indication that his silence on WWE matters has any impact on his status or role in AEW.
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