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Kenny Omega publicly addresses CM Punk situation

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AEW EVP Kenny Omega has finally commented on the issues surrounding himself, CM Punk and The Young Bucks.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, Omega stated that he wants fans to move past the backstage issues when it comes to CM Punk, The Young Bucks and himself.

“There are things no one can talk about, so I’d encourage people to let it go” the former AEW Champion began.

“It doesn’t change that we want a team effort in AEW. I don’t even mean implicitly myself and my opponent. It also means the referee, the fans, the people who set up the ring, everyone’“even a technical error can ruin the memory of a match” he added.

Kenny Omega on CM Punk situation

“I can refer back to the exploding barbed wire death match. So I encourage people to move away from it because there is no information to be released. Though I cannot talk about it, I do want the fans to know I still want the best for pro wrestling” Omega continued.

‘The day after the pay-per-view, I was absolutely devastated by the loss of Jason David Frank. He’s one of my childhood heroes. That evening, there was a mass shooting at an LGBTQ club where five people died. It’s absolutely terrible. After such tragedy, it puts everything in perspective” he noted.

“This isn’t Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks against CM Punk. It is people trying to show off their craft. You can boo Kenny Omega, or the Young Bucks, or CM Punk, but I hope people don’t forget we’re human beings struggling to show our art” Omega concluded.

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