Kyle O’Reilly reveals he is suffering from uncomfortable AEW injury

Kyle O'Reilly AEW

Image Courtesy AEW

All Elite Wrestling star Kyle O’Reilly recently revealed that he is suffering from an uncomfortable injury due to the actions of Sting.

Taking to social media, O’Reilly revealed that he was suffering from “swollen testes” after Sting hit him with his trademark baseball bat.

“Shameful and disgusting act by the man called Sting” the former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion would tweet.

Kyle O’Reilly on Sting

“Here I am; a fan about to offer him a seat (he isn’t a spring chicken let’s face it and he twisted his ankle I think) and what do I get to show for it? Swollen testes. Absolutely uncalled for” O’Reilly concluded.

It is clearly a storyline, but Kyle has proven to be one of the most entertaining wrestlers on social media for quite some time.

Hopefully, the former WWE Superstar will be able to recover from his ‘injury’ sooner rather than later. It’s not revealed if Sting will be punished for this ‘disgusting’ act.

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