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Rob Van Dam SLATES fans who claim he can’t “still go”

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In a world where the line between athletes and their fans is thinner than ever, thanks to the immediacy of social media, wrestling icon Rob Van Dam has taken to Twitter to address a recurring critique head-on.

Known for his high-flying moves and a career that spans decades, Van Dam’s response to doubters is both a testament to his enduring skill and a nod to his supporters, including All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and its CEO, Tony Khan.

AEW News: The Tweet Heard Around the Wrestling World

Rob Van Dam’s tweet, “Psssh. Some of ya’ll act like I didn’t tell you I can still go! Thank you @AEW @TonyKhan and Van Dam Fam,” serves as a powerful reminder of his confidence in his abilities and his gratitude towards those who continue to support him.

This message, succinct yet impactful, has sparked conversations across the wrestling community, highlighting the wrestler’s legacy and his current standing in the sport.

AEW News: Van Dam’s Legacy and Current Form

Rob Van Dam, often abbreviated as RVD, has been a prominent figure in professional wrestling since the 1990s. Known for his agility, athleticism, and innovative in-ring style, RVD has amassed a following that spans generations of wrestling fans.

His recent appearances in AEW have reignited discussions about his capability to compete at a high level, with some fans expressing scepticism about his ability to “still go” as he once did.

However, Van Dam’s tweet is a clear message to detractors: he remains a formidable competitor, backed by the support of AEW and its leadership.

Tony Khan, known for his active engagement with both wrestlers and fans on social media, has also played a significant role in bringing veteran talents like Van Dam into the AEW fold, providing them with a platform to showcase that they can indeed still compete at a high level.

The Role of Social Media in Wrestling Today

Social media has become an integral part of professional wrestling, offering a direct line of communication between wrestlers and their fans.

It allows athletes like Rob Van Dam to address criticisms head-on, while also celebrating their achievements and interactions with promotions such as AEW. This immediacy can amplify support but also invite direct critique from fans.


  • Who is Rob Van Dam?
    • Rob Van Dam is a professional wrestler known for his high-flying style and success in multiple wrestling promotions, including WWE and ECW.
  • What did Rob Van Dam tweet about?
    • He tweeted in response to fans doubting his ability to perform at a high level, thanking AEW, Tony Khan, and his supporters.
  • Why is AEW mentioned in his tweet?
    • AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is a wrestling promotion where Rob Van Dam has made appearances, and Tony Khan is the CEO of AEW.
  • Can Rob Van Dam still compete at a high level?
    • According to his tweet and recent performances, Rob Van Dam believes he can still compete at a high level and is supported by AEW.
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