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Former WWE Superstar says she will NEVER LEAVE AEW

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, loyalty and passion often dictate a wrestler’s career trajectory. Ruby Soho, a former WWE superstar, has made a profound declaration about her commitment to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), stating unequivocally that AEW is her home and will remain so indefinitely.

Ruby Soho, known in WWE as Ruby Riott, has had a remarkable journey in the wrestling world. Her transition from WWE to AEW in September 2021 marked a significant shift in her career.

In AEW, Soho has challenged for both the AEW TBS and AEW Women’s World Championships, showcasing her formidable skills and determination, although she has yet to secure either title.

Ruby Soho: A Firm Commitment to AEW

In a candid conversation with Alicia Atout, Soho reflected on her time in AEW and her aspirations for her career.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding her current direction, with various storylines and challenges unfolding, Soho’s allegiance to AEW remains unwavering.

She expressed her deep affection for AEW, emphasising that it is not just a workplace but a home where she feels genuinely connected and valued.

The Current Landscape in AEW for Soho

Soho’s current situation in AEW is complex and evolving. She mentioned ongoing storylines, including interactions with Saraya and the All Elite colleague attempting to ‘court’ her.

These developments indicate that Soho is at a pivotal point in her AEW journey, navigating various personal and professional challenges.

However, her commitment to doing what’s best for her career and her clear dedication to AEW suggests that fans can expect exciting developments in her storyline.


  • Who is Ruby Soho? Ruby Soho, formerly known as Ruby Riott in WWE, is a professional wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • When did Ruby Soho join AEW? Ruby Soho joined AEW in September 2021.
  • Has Ruby Soho won any championships in AEW? As of now, Ruby Soho has challenged for the AEW TBS and AEW Women’s World Championships but has not yet won these titles.
  • What did Ruby Soho say about AEW? Ruby Soho stated that AEW is her home and will forever be her home, indicating her long-term commitment to the promotion.
  • What is the significance of Ruby Soho’s statement? Ruby Soho’s statement highlights her loyalty and passion for AEW, reflecting the positive environment and opportunities the promotion offers to its talent.
  • What can fans expect from Ruby Soho in the future? Fans can expect Ruby Soho to continue to be a prominent figure in AEW, with potential for exciting storylines and championship pursuits.
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