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Fans make BIG predictions about Tony Khan’s upcoming AEW announcement

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In the world of professional wrestling, speculation and anticipation often walk hand in hand, especially when it comes to announcements that could potentially reshape the landscape.

Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has teased an announcement set to take place on AEW Dynamite next week, sparking a flurry of predictions and rumours among the fanbase.

Among the myriad of guesses, one particular prediction has caught the eye of many: a potential streaming deal between AEW and Warner Bros, specifically for the StreamOnMax platform.

AEW News: The Buzz Around a Potential AEW Streaming Deal

The rumour mill went into overdrive following a tweet from @FumblerWill, who expressed hope for an announcement regarding an AEW streaming deal with Warner Bros.

This speculation isn’t unfounded, considering the evolving landscape of sports entertainment distribution and the increasing importance of streaming services in reaching global audiences.

AEW News: Why a Streaming Deal Makes Sense

  • Expanding Reach: A streaming deal with Warner Bros could significantly expand AEW’s reach, making it accessible to a wider audience worldwide.
  • Enhanced Viewer Experience: Streaming platforms offer viewers the convenience of watching content on-demand, a significant plus for international fans in different time zones.
  • Strategic Partnership: Warner Bros, with its vast entertainment portfolio, could provide AEW with a strategic partnership, offering cross-promotion and content integration opportunities.

Potential Impact on AEW and Its Fans

If the speculation holds true, such a deal could mark a pivotal moment for AEW. It would not only affirm the promotion’s growth and stability but also enhance its competitive edge in the wrestling industry.

Fans, on the other hand, could look forward to an enriched viewing experience, with easier access to live events, pay-per-views, and exclusive content.


  • What is AEW?
    • All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is a professional wrestling promotion based in the United States.
  • Who is Tony Khan?
    • Tony Khan is the President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What is StreamOnMax?
    • StreamOnMax is a streaming platform owned by Warner Bros, offering a wide range of entertainment content.
  • Has the AEW-Warner Bros streaming deal been confirmed?
    • As of now, the deal is speculative, with an official announcement expected to be made by Tony Khan on Dynamite next week.
  • How could a streaming deal benefit AEW fans?
    • A streaming deal could provide fans with more accessible and convenient options to watch AEW content, including live events and exclusive programming.
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