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Tony Khan reveals he ‘trained’ ChatGPT to write an AEW show

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Tony Khan, the president of AEW, has been vocal about his interest in leveraging advanced technology to potentially improve programming.

Recently, he revealed that he had experimented with using AI, specifically ChatGPT, to create an episode of AEW’s popular show, Dynamite’‹.

The use of AI in professional environments is not new, but Khan’s application of this technology in a creative industry like wrestling represents a fascinating intersection of sports entertainment and cutting-edge AI technology.

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Tony Khan and the AI Experiment: ChatGPT Writes AEW Dynamite

ChatGPT, an AI developed by OpenAI, was Khan’s choice for this creative experiment. He asked the AI to present its best version of an AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite episode, something he revealed in an interview with CNBC:

Interestingly, ChatGPT’s initial output was based on its knowledge cut-off in 2021, resulting in it providing an outdated version of AEW. Khan had to supply it with an updated roster to align it with the current AEW landscape’‹.

Khan also asked the AI to write a 10-segment wrestling show with 9 breaks, lasting 2 hours ’“ the typical format of AEW Dynamite. The AI, like many new to the wrestling industry, attempted to cram too much into the show, reflecting the common fan’s desire for action-packed programming. Khan retrained the AI with feedback, and it responded well, coming back with more viable alternatives’‹.

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AI in AEW: Potential and Limitations

The experiment was not without its insights. Khan acknowledged that the AI had some solid ideas and even suggested that it could be used as a tool to check work or brainstorm ideas. However, he also pointed out the AI’s limitations, notably its lack of knowledge of world events post-2021, making it somewhat outdated for current use’‹:

“I’ve definitely messed around with ChatGPT and AI a decent amount. One thing about AI is they take criticism and feedback very well. Because when I first messed around with ChatGPT and asked it about okay give me your best version of an AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite. First of all, it has limited knowledge of world events since 2021. So, it’s presentation of AEW for those people that have messed around with it, then you found that it was really looking at AEW from a couple of years ago’¦so, one thing was giving it an updated roster. Another thing I thought was interesting was asking to write a 10-segment wrestling show with 9 breaks that is 2 hours long.”

This experiment revealed the potential and limitations of AI in writing wrestling programming. While it can generate creative ideas, the AI’s lack of contextual awareness of recent world events and inability to understand the dynamic nature of wrestling storylines are significant drawbacks.

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