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Tony Khan confirms the AEW contract for debuting former WWE Superstar

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Professional wrestling has always been a realm of surprises, and the All Out 2023 pay-per-view event was no exception, with Tony Khan making a big revelation about one debuting star.

The wrestling world was abuzz when CJ Perry made her unexpected debut in AEW, coming to the rescue of her real-life spouse, Miro. This debut has led to much speculation about Perry’s future in the company.

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CJ Perry’s Dramatic Entrance

The All Out 2023 event witnessed a thrilling moment when Powerhouse Hobbs launched an assault on Miro. Despite Miro’s initial victory over Hobbs, the latter retaliated with a fierce onslaught.

It was at this juncture that Perry made her entrance, attempting to fend off Hobbs with a chair. Although her chair shot didn’t have the desired effect, it served as a sufficient distraction, enabling Miro to regain his composure and subdue Hobbs.

The dynamics between Perry and Miro added another layer of intrigue when Miro remarked, “You aren’t real,” before exiting the ring without her.

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Tony Khan Weighs in on Perry’s AEW Status

During the post-event media interaction, Tony Khan, the President of AEW, shed light on Perry’s current position within the organisation.

He expressed his delight at having Perry on board, even if it was just for the night. “I think it’s great to have CJ here. It’s not a long-term guarantee or anything, but at least for tonight, it was great to have her appearing with us. I thought it was a great surprise,” Khan stated.

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What Lies Ahead for CJ Perry?

While Khan’s statement doesn’t confirm a long-term contract for Perry, her debut has undoubtedly added a fresh dimension to AEW’s narrative.

Fans are eagerly awaiting to see how her storyline with Miro unfolds and whether her association with AEW will be a fleeting moment or a lasting alliance.

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