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CM Punk: Top AEW name “isn’t surprised” he’s getting booed

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After a hiatus, the much-awaited return of CM Punk to the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) ring earlier this month was a spectacle to behold’‹’‹.

Making his comeback in the premiere episode of AEW Collision, Punk’s performance was nothing short of exhilarating. However, the joy of his return was not uniformly echoed among the AEW fan base.

When Punk squared off against NJPW star Satoshi Kojima in an Owen Hart Tournament match at Forbidden Door, the reactions were mixed. Punk emerged victorious, but not all fans were thrilled to see him advance in the tournament.

The return of CM Punk was particularly notable in his hometown of Chicago, where the crowd received him with a massive ovation. The reaction in Toronto, however, was quite different. Fans there were not as welcoming to Punk, a phenomenon that caught the attention of many but didn’t surprise AEW owner Tony Khan’‹.

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Tony Khan’s Reaction: A Matter of Perspective

Tony Khan, in an interview on Busted Open Radio, shared his thoughts on the varied fan reception to CM Punk’s performance at Forbidden Door in Toronto.

According to Khan, he was not surprised by the lukewarm response Punk received in Canada. He noted that the fan reactions to wrestlers could be akin to those experienced by sports teams. Teams often enjoy immense popularity in their home cities, while on the road, the reactions depend on the location.

In this case, Khan thought of Punk’s match as a “road game” and was impressed with his performance under challenging circumstances’‹.

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Possible Factors Influencing the Fans’ Reactions

It might be useful to consider that CM Punk’s past conflicts with fellow wrestler Kenny Omega, a Canadian, could have influenced the reactions of the Toronto crowd.

Fan allegiances in professional wrestling can be strongly influenced by national and local loyalties, adding a layer of complexity to the dynamics at play’‹.

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Future Expectations: CM Punk’s Second Run in AEW

As CM Punk continues his second run in AEW, it remains to be seen how his journey will evolve. Some fans argue that turning CM Punk into a heel (villain character) could be an effective strategy to anticipate and manage any future booing from crowds.

On the other hand, there are fans who believe that any existing resentment towards Punk will soon fade, rendering a heel turn unnecessary. As with all things in professional wrestling, the future holds the answers and promises to be an exciting journey for CM Punk and his fans alike’‹.

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