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Potential SPOILER on Tony Khan’s BIG AEW Dynamite announcement

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, AEW President Tony Khan has once again captured the community’s attention with the promise of a significant announcement scheduled for the upcoming AEW Dynamite on February 7th.

Khan, known for his fervent passion for the sport and innovative booking decisions, has hinted at developments that could potentially reshape the landscape of All Elite Wrestling.

AEW News: The Buzz Around the Announcement

Speculation has been rife following comments made by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, suggesting that the announcement could involve a major show in Boston.

This event is anticipated to mark the debut of Mercedes Mone, a highly regarded talent whose arrival in AEW has been eagerly awaited by fans and pundits alike.

However, Meltzer hinted at a “double announcement,” adding layers of intrigue and speculation to an already buzzing news cycle.

AEW News: The Potential Double Whammy

The second part of the speculated announcement could involve Kazuchika Okada, a name synonymous with excellence in professional wrestling circles.

Currently a free agent, Okada’s potential alignment with AEW has been a topic of much discussion, especially considering his ongoing commitments with New Japan Pro-Wrestling until February 24th.

Meltzer’s insights suggest a possible surprise reveal in Greensboro on March 3rd, although the specifics remain shrouded in mystery.

Implications for AEW

The potential inclusion of both Mercedes Mone and Kazuchika Okada in AEW’s roster could signify a monumental shift in the promotion’s dynamics.

Mone’s return to professional wrestling and Okada’s Free Agent status have been hot topics within the industry, with their decisions being closely monitored by fans and insiders alike.


  • What is Tony Khan’s announcement about?
    • Tony Khan is expected to make a significant announcement on the February 7th AEW Dynamite, speculated to involve a major show in Boston and possibly the debut of Mercedes Mone.
  • Who is Mercedes Mone?
    • Mercedes Mone is a highly anticipated talent in the wrestling world, expected to make her AEW debut soon.
  • Could Kazuchika Okada join AEW?
    • Kazuchika Okada, currently a free agent, is speculated to possibly join AEW, with hints at a surprise reveal in the near future.
  • What does this mean for AEW?
    • The potential announcements could significantly impact AEW’s roster and future storylines, marking a pivotal moment in the promotion’s trajectory.
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