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TOP AEW faction gets OFFICIAL name

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In a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, the wrestling world witnessed a significant development as Adam Cole’s faction unveiled its new identity.

The group, now known as “Undisputed Kingdom,” marks a pivotal moment in AEW‘s ongoing narrative, blending elements of past alliances with fresh dynamics.

The revelation came during an episode of AEW Dynamite, where Adam Cole, accompanied by his faction, made a grand entrance. The faction’s new name, “Undisputed Kingdom,” was displayed prominently, symbolised by a crown graphic, signifying their dominance and ambition within AEW.

This name resonates with wrestling fans, as it harks back to Cole’s time in WWE NXT with the “Undisputed Era,” a group that left a lasting impact on the wrestling scene.

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AEW Undisputed Kingdom: The Faction’s Composition and Agenda

Leading the Undisputed Kingdom is Adam Cole, a figure known for his charisma and in-ring prowess. The group includes notable members like Wardlow, the ROH Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, and Roderick Strong.

During the episode, Cole delivered a compelling promo, outlining the faction’s goals and his personal motivations. He expressed his betrayal by MJF, painting him as a narcissist who would have discarded Cole when no longer needed.

Cole’s plan involves Wardlow capturing the AEW World Championship, which he intends to claim once he’s cleared to compete.

The Faction’s Impact and Future Prospects

The formation of the Undisputed Kingdom has significant implications for AEW’s overall storylines. It sets the stage for new rivalries and alliances, reshaping the promotion’s landscape. The faction’s presence adds depth to the narrative, offering a blend of personal vendettas and strategic gameplay.

The Undisputed Kingdom’s emergence also raises questions about the future of AEW. How will other wrestlers and factions respond to this new power?

What challenges and opportunities will arise from this development? These are questions that fans eagerly await to be answered in the coming episodes.


  • What is the name of Adam Cole’s new faction in AEW?
    • The faction is named “Undisputed Kingdom.”
  • Who are the members of the Undisputed Kingdom?
    • The faction includes Adam Cole, Wardlow, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Roderick Strong.
  • What is the significance of the name “Undisputed Kingdom”?
    • The name reflects the faction’s ambition and dominance, drawing parallels to Cole’s previous faction in WWE NXT, the “Undisputed Era.”
  • What are the goals of the Undisputed Kingdom in AEW?
    • Their immediate goal is for Wardlow to win the AEW World Championship, which Adam Cole plans to claim later.
  • How did Adam Cole describe his relationship with MJF?
    • Cole portrayed MJF as a narcissist who would have eventually betrayed him, prompting Cole to act first.
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