Will Ospreay reveals what sort of opponent he wants at AEW Forbidden Door

AEW Forbidden Door Logo Will Ospreay

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New Japan Pro Wrestling star Will Ospreay recently revealed the ‘type’ of opponent he wants to face at the Forbidden Door PPV event.

Forbidden Door will be an NJPW x AEW event pitting the two rosters against each other for one-night-only in June 2022.

Speaking on the WRESTHINGS podcast, Ospreay revealed that he wants to face a “homegrown” talent from the promotion, rather than someone like CM Punk.

“I would like a challenge and what I mean by that is I would like a homemade guy,” the former IWGP World Champion began.

Will Ospreay on AEW Forbidden Door

“Like someone that didn’t come from NXT, that didn’t come from New Japan, because I think that’s the challenge.

“Can I do like a sick match with someone that was born and made in AEW? … Jungle Boy, I’d love to tear it up with him” Ospreay continued.

“I love the product I think it’s brilliant, it makes me excited to be a wrestling fan, so the real challenge for me is, there’s obviously guys on there like Keith Lee. Mox, that would be a hell of a thing.

“Dante [Martin] would be a good one … But I would just really like somebody who was grassroots because you’ve got all these star guys all these guys there, the dream ones” Ospreay revealed.

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