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AEW Veteran Set To Enter Cannabis Business

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Few names from pro wrestling world have already entered the list of the cannabis business. It has come to light that another AEW star has commented that they’re on their way into the cannabis business.

Jim Ross set to enter the business

The veteran AEW commentator has been with the company since its inception. Good Ol’ JR recently caught the attention of the fans on social media. He recently responded to a Tweet to reveal that they’re getting into the cannabis business. When a fan suggested that his home state of Oklahoma was becoming a ‘huge legal cannabis state,’ good ol’ JR responded!

Writing back:

‘That’s in the mix’¦..JR’s Black Hat Farms.

‘Coming Soon! 🤠’

Joining WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair who is reportedly working on a cannabis line with the legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson and another WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash who has recently discussed his own strain, now a continued update on Jim Ross’ foray into the cannabis business. It was previously noted that the venture was in earlier stages in October 2021 however according to JR, now it is on it’s way to fans ’˜soon’.

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Bishal Roy