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Chris Jericho reveals why working with younger talents is important

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AEW star Chris Jericho is a true veteran whose legendary career spanned for three decades and it is still going on strong. It has been noted that veteran stars like Jericho and fellow AEW star Matt Hardy are often involved in programming with young stars of the promotion.

Chris Jericho opens up on working with young talents

This week on ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,’ Jericho and Hardy discussed why they are involved in programming with the younger talent in AEW instead of the other veterans.

Jericho said:

‘We’ve revamped ourselves and evolved. We never had to wrestle each other. We’ve done that before. The key to us staying at a certain level is working with younger guys. It elevates them and it elevates us too.’

‘All my programs in AEW have been with younger guys. I could work Matt. I could work Christian. We don’t have to. We’ve done that before. This is not the fuc*ing nostalgia hour. This is about continuing to strive to evolve, build, and make new stars,’ Jericho continued.

Then Hardy also weighed in on the matter and added the following:

‘The people know our exposure from our time in WWE. Then they see, ’˜Oh my god, Orange Cassidy is hanging with Chris Jericho or Orange Cassidy is hanging with Matt Hardy?’ It just works.’

Written by
Bishal Roy