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Darby Allin reveals why he denied to join NXT

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The former AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin has become an integral part of AEW. However, before joining the promotion, he cut his teeth in independent promotions. It turns out he was also groomed to join NXT, the brand where many indie names gained success.

Darby Allin did not want to join NXT

During an interview with Diamond Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts on their podcast “DDP Snake Pit,” Allin spoke about his other option, stating that he didn’t want to be “put in a box” if he hadn’t gone to AEW.

“At the time, I was being groomed to go to ‘NXT,'” Allin said. “And I saw the writing on the wall, this was back when ‘205 Live’ was a thing, and I was like, ‘Hell f*cking no I’m not going there to do that.’ My money is in wrestling David and Goliath matches.

“I wrestled in Mexico a few times and then I felt like everything that made me special was lost when I was in Mexico because the art of selling goes out the window. All I could think about is there was no way. I wanted to go to AEW and then I can sink or swim on my own merit. I have the opportunity to get over as myself and then fail as myself.”

Allin is currently teaming with the pro wrestling legend Sting and having a great time in the company.

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Bishal Roy