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Ex-WWE Star Comments On Sasha Banks Possible AEW Move

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Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks(now going by real name Mercedes Varnado) is likely to make an appearance at New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom 17 in January. While there are some within AEW who are excited at the prospect of her joining the company, it sounds as though the crowd is more silent from another camp. Saraya(formerly Paige in WWE) recently opened up on the rumors around ‘The Boss’.

Saraya talks about Sasha Banks possibly joining AEW

Many have now speculated that the popular star could be Saraya’s mystery partner at the aforementioned event.

Commenting on these rumors in an interview with Forbes, Saraya said:

‘I feel like anytime there’s a mystery, everyone always goes straight for Mercedes (laughs). They’re like’”straight away’”it’s her!

‘There’s plenty of women out there, I’m not going to say yes or no to anybody, but there’s a lot of exciting prospects for a potential tag partner.’

Discussing her relationship with Banks, Saraya said:

‘I’ve always said that I would want to work with Sasha again in any capacity, because she’s a pro. In the wrestling side of things, she’s such a fantastic athlete, you can’t deny her talent. She’s fantastic.

‘People can be really tough on people, especially female athletes, which can be super frustrating. Especially female athletes who carry their weight. They can go toe-to-toe with most of the guys.

‘So if someone gets a little bit hurt, especially in the women’s division, the whole internet blows up and they’re just like ’˜this person’s unsafe, and this person’s unsafe’¦’

‘I remember this one time, I think Brie (Bella) hurt somebody, and it really annoyed me because she never hurts anybody. But the fact that people blew up on her like ’˜you hurt her, you’re unsafe,’ it’s like it was just one person.

‘In a 15-year career, that’s actually really good. You can’t go into a business without accidentally hurting someone at some point.

‘The people who take it personally, are the people on the internet. People on the internet take it personally for you, but me and Sasha have always been on good terms.

‘It is what it is, but Sasha’”mentally’”it f**ked with her, and that’s not fair.’

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Bishal Roy