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Chris Jericho Says That AEW vs IMPACT Invasion Angle ‘Would Not Work’

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AEW megastar and former ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho recently spoke to Jericho discussed a number of topics during the interview, including the potential for an AEW vs IMPACT ‘Invasion’ angle at some point.

‘Our roster is jam packed as it is” Chris Jericho began in the interview. “And I think our involvement with IMPACT has been pretty much what it should be. I’m not saying this in an egotistical way, but AEW is at a completely different level than IMPACT is.”

“So anything that we’re doing with them benefits them a lot more than it benefits us, in my opinion” Jericho continued. “And I think the fact that they’ve had Kenny Omega there, they’ve had Private Party there. That’s a bonus for them.”

Chris Jericho on Invasion Angle

“Chris Jericho will never go to Nashville and work in an empty studio in front of somebody” ‘Le Champion’ continued. “There’s just no reason for me to do that. If those guys came over to invade, who are they going to [bring]?”

“If we needed to make it big, we could” Jericho concluded. “But right now, our roster is so jam packed, and we’re doing such a great job of creating our own stars as it is. You could always do an invasion at some point, but I just don’t see why that really benefits AEW right now when we’ve got so much going on and so many of our own guys who are really breaking through to the next level. I want to keep the focus and spotlight on that.’

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