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Cora Jade Dating: Which NXT Superstar is she with?

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In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of WWE NXT, the personal lives of its stars often become as captivating as their in-ring exploits.

Among the latest romances to capture the audience’s attention is that of Cora Jade and Bron Breakker, two of NXT’s brightest stars who have recently confirmed they are in a relationship.

This revelation has intrigued fans and added an exciting dimension to their personas both inside and outside the ring.

The Blossoming of a New WWE NXT Power Couple

Cora Jade and Bron Breakker’s journey from colleagues to a loving couple is a testament to the close-knit nature of the wrestling community. Initially, their camaraderie was purely platonic, with both stars seen frequently in each other’s company, sharing moments that hinted at a deepening friendship.

It wasn’t long before fans started to speculate about the nature of their relationship, especially after Jade shared an Instagram story featuring the two with a heart filter.

Confirmation came when Breakker posted an Instagram photo of them together, solidifying their status as NXT’s newest couple.

From Friendship to Love in the Squared Circle

The transition from friends to partners began in the summer of 2022, marking a new chapter in their lives. Jade, in a conversation with WrestlingInc’s then-Senior News Editor, Nick Hausman, shared that their relationship evolved naturally over time.

Both athletes joined WWE around the same year, bringing them closer through shared experiences and challenges.

Before this relationship, Jade was linked with Black Christian, a fellow wrestler, though they parted ways following Christian’s release from WWE.

The Future Holds Bright

Bron Breakker’s impressive ascent in NXT, marked by his successful pursuit of the NXT Championship, showcases his potential and dedication. Cora Jade, on her part, has made significant strides in her career, drawing comparisons to iconic figures like AJ Lee and Paige, whom she admires deeply.

The couple’s commitment to their professional and personal lives has fans eagerly anticipating what the future holds, especially with speculation about their potential move to the main roster.

As their relationship continues to blossom, it’s clear that Jade and Breakker share a bond that transcends the boundaries of the ring.

With both wrestlers poised for greatness, their journey together in WWE NXT and potentially beyond promises to be as compelling as their in-ring narratives.


  • Who is Cora Jade dating?
    • Cora Jade is dating fellow WWE NXT superstar Bron Breakker.
  • How did Cora Jade and Bron Breakker’s relationship start?
    • Their relationship evolved from a close friendship to a romantic partnership in the summer of 2022.
  • Have Cora Jade and Bron Breakker worked together in WWE NXT?
    • Yes, they have been part of the NXT brand and started dating after working together.
  • Will Cora Jade and Bron Breakker move to the main WWE roster?
    • Speculation suggests both are strong candidates for moving up to the main roster, potentially even together.
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