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Israel Adesanya Responds To Jon Jones Saying He Is “Playing The Victim”

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The rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones appears to have reached another level. The two men have been trading comments back and forth over the past year; with Jones’ verbal jabs coming thick and fast after Adesanya lost to Jan Blachowicz at UFC 259.

Jon Jones recently took to Twitter for his most recent shots at Israel Adesanya. “Talk mad sh*t knowing you can’t back it up and then have the nerve to say ‘why are you so obsessed with me'” Jones wrote.

“Acting like a girl over there playing the victim” Jon Jones continued. “Bro you’ve already lost this one, I’ll leave you alone now.”

Adesanya responded to the comments with an incendiary shot, “address me as officer, young c**n” Adesanya wrote, with a photoshopped image of Izzy dressed as a police officer speaking to Jones in a parked vehicle.

Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones

This all comes after Jon Jones recently said that he is no longer interested in a fight against Adesanya. Israel Adesanya’s Head Coach Eugene Bareman recently said in an interview with Submission Radio that the superfight would still make sense from a business standpoint.

‘Jon Jones is a businessman,’ Bareman said. ‘Jones understands how the pay-per-view market works and he understands where the money is; that’s why this fight doesn’t fizzle away.’

Jones however didn’t not agree with this assessment. ‘Give it up coach,’ Jones replied on Twitter. ‘We’ve all seen your cards, your boy has almost no take down defense or offense off his back.”

“Now you’re just being a cloud trout” Jones continued. “If you would honestly send him in there against a 260 pound wrestler after that last performance? You don’t care about his well being.’

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