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Megan Anderson Talks Her First Meeting With Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Former UFC fighter Megan Anderson recently discussed the first time that she met Khabib Nurmagomedov. During The Megan Anderson Show, the former Bantamweight UFC contender said that she didn’t make a good first impression with the Welterweight great.

“So I went up to him, grabbed his hand and shook it, and he looked at me like I had done the worst thing that I could ever do on the face of the earth” Megan Anderson recalled. “I remember thinking to myself ‘oh he really doesn’t like me.”

“This is so weird. But later on someone told me that he is a Muslim and it is out of respect that they don’t shake other women’s hands” Anderson continued. “When I heard this, I felt like the worst person on Earth. I just did what you don’t do and I felt so bad.”

Megan Anderson on Leaving UFC

As mentioned, Megan Anderson recently left the UFC after her contract had ended. Anderson took to Instagram following the news of her leaving to thank her fans and update on her next move.

‘I had an amazing run with the promotion, culminating in a UFC world title fight” Megan Anderson stated. “If you know me and the journey I have been on, just to reach the pinnacle of the sport is something I am incredibly proud of.”

“I want to thank my team and everyone at the UFC for the past 3 years” Anderson concluded. “It’s been amazing to perform for my fans on such a big stage.’

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